Johnny de Mol reported for attempted manslaughter and grievous bodily harm

Algemeen Dagblad
Tuesday December 15th 2020

VIDEOPresenter and actor Johnny de Mol has been accused of grievous bodily harm and attempted manslaughter by his former fiancée Shima Kaes. Legal advisor Karim Aachboun confirms having filed charges with the Public Prosecution Office yesterday on behalf of his client Kaes. Johnny de Mol’s lawyer calls Kaes’ allegations absurd and dismisses them as a ‘vulgar publicity stunt’.

Gudo Tienhooven and Dennis Jansen 15 December 2020 Latest update: 06:08

According to the charges, this involves three alleged incidents in 2015 - in the Mexican resort of Tulum, in Amsterdam and on Ibiza - during which Johnny de Mol is said among other things to have beaten, kicked and attempted to strangle his then partner. This site has seen the report and the material submitted as evidence. Apart from photographs depicting Kaes’ injuries, there is a document in which a GP refers to ‘physical violence’. Shima Kaes, through Aachboun, told this site by email: ‘I can confirm that I have

reported my ex-fiancé Johnny de Mol for grievous bodily harm and attempted manslaughter. Being protected by Mr Aachboun, I now have the courage to press charges.’

‘Physical violence’

Although Johnny de Mol and Shima Kaes split up years ago, their tempestuous relationship has resulted in an uncommonly hard conflict more than five years later. Thus, there is a recorded telephone call in which Kaes accuses the son of media magnate John de Mol of beating, kicking and attempted strangulation. During the call he does not deny that there was a scuffle, but argues that he never beat Kaes just like that. The report also includes photographs showing injuries such as a black eye, a split lip, contusions and bruises.

In addition, there is a document dated 27 May 2015 in which her GP uses the words ‘physical violence’. According to her adviser, Kaes has made a declaration under oath before a civil-law notary as to the exact course of events. Thus, the report states that on 12 January 2015, Johnny de Mol’s birthday, the couple had an argument while on holiday in the Mexican resort of Tulum about De Mol’s cocaine use. Kaes claims that De Mol subsequently beat her, kicked her, sat on top of her and pulled her hair, which resulted in injuries such as a swollen eye. On 2 March of the same year, after De Mol had presented the Edison Pop Gala at the Harbour Club in Amsterdam, the couple allegedly had another row during which Kaes was knocked to the ground. Shortly afterwards, so the report states, he throttled her and then banged her head against a table. And when she was ‘lying defenceless on the floor, Johnny de Mol still kicked her several times in her side/stomach’. The latter, combined with the attempted strangulation, prompted Aachboun to press charges for attempted manslaughter as well.

This report was carefully prepared and discussed with experienced experts within our network

Legal adviser Karim Aachboun

Attempted suffocation

De Mol is said to have assaulted her again on Ibiza later that year, which included kicking her in the ribs and trying to suffocate her by throttling her and placing his hand over her mouth. According to Kaes, some of the alleged incidents can be corroborated by witnesses who saw the injuries, among whom Els Verberk (the wife of father John de Mol). Aachboun stated yesterday: “Today a report was made to the Chief Public Prosecutor at the District Court of Amsterdam. Since my client, Miss Shima Kaes, holds Dutch nationality, this report also includes the offences committed in Tulum and Ibiza. I will therefore remain in contact with the judicial authorities in Mexico and Spain. This report was carefully prepared and discussed with experienced experts

within our network. My client regrets the attitude of the De Mol family and their attempt to assassinate her character, which our network has prevented. Does the De Mol family think they are above the law of the Netherlands? My client thinks they are not, and I fully agree with her.” Shima Kaes ‘fled’ to Ibiza following her break-up with Johnny de Mol. Because of the recent publication of the book entitled De Mol: De Machtigste Mediafamilie van Nederland (‘De Mol: the most powerful media family in the Netherlands’) by Quote journalist Mark Koster, which also describes the alleged abuse, Kaes is said to be ‘suffering flashbacks’. The report states: ‘This is the reason why she, under our protection, is now pressing charges.’

Legal advisor Karim Aachboun secured himself a place among the top Dutch advisers and is nicknamed ‘the Rocky Balboa of Amsterdam’. He and his colleague, senior partner Ad Aerts, assist Shima Kaes through their Amsterdam consultancy firm TaXeCo. Earlier, Aachboun did business with people such as multibillionaire Bernard Arnault, the global head of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy. He also assisted a number of players of FC Barcelona and football club AZ, and was instrumental in bringing the Israeli chemical giant ICL to the Netherlands. The opening of the ICL office was atten